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Zustzliche dienstleistungen

GPS Navigation device - 9,5 EUR per day

Additional driver - 28 EUR per rental

Child safety seat - up to 14 days 29 EUR per rental, extra day 2,07 EUR

Car delivery or collection - in Tallinn centre area at 09:00-18:00 9,6 EUR each way; out of office hours fee 36 EUR applies at 18:01-08:59; pick-up or return at offices Tallinna Airport and Tatari 56, Tallinn in main worikng hours 09:00 - 18:00 free of charge

Border crossing (driving outside of Estonia) - 68,4 EUR for Latvia, 68,4 EUR for Lithuania

One-way rental - car pick-up or drop-off at Riga 150 EUR, Vilnius 288 EUR, Tartu 89 EUR, Pärnu 89 EUR

Refueling service - 3,9 EUR/litre

Prepaid fuel option - 10% discount of gas station fuel price if full tank is purchased at the start of the rental; car can be returned with empty tank

**Soodus** GPS Navi TomTom/Garmin
**Soodus** GPS Navi TomTom/Garmin

GPS Navi TomTom/Garmin
GPS Navi TomTom/Garmin

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