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Rental period - the minimum period for the calculation of the rental price is one day (24 hours). Cars can be hired for rental periods of less than one day, but the price will be the same. The additional hourly rate will be applied if the 24-hour period is exceeded by more than 29 minutes. The additional hourly rate depends on the daily rate for the period in question.

Documents - cars may be hired by individuals aged 21 years or over with at least one year of driving experience. The documents we require are a passport (or ID card) and driving licence printed in the Latin alphabet and credit card on renter’s name. Temporary, learner’s licences or licences which does not mach to European categories will not be accepted. Credit card on renter's name is necessary for deposit reservation in excess amount.

Rental price - the rental price includes insurances, VAT, unlimited mileage in the Baltic States (except **Special** offers), 24-hour emergency assistance, a clean car that is in perfect working order and a replacement car if required. Special offers may include limited mileage.

Driving area - cars can be driven in territory of Baltic States (border crossing fee applies for driving out of Estonia, see Additional services). Notification should be made on rental agreement for driving out of Estonia. For driving to the other states the price offer can be made depending of trip destination (rates, milage and insurance conditions varies).

Insurances - rental prices include compulsory third party insurance and liability cover of the individual hiring the car of up to 900 EUR (excess) in the event of accident or theft (full liability for interior, glasses or tyre damages).

Delivery and collection - delivery or return of cars within Tallinn centre is 9,6 EUR between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm. Out of hours deliveries or returns between 6.01 pm and 8.59 am are subject to a additional fee of 29 EUR. A delivery fee of 0,51 EUR per kilometre is applicable to addresses outside of Tallinn. Pick-up and return at offices Tallinn Airport and Tatari 56, Tallinn are free of charge between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm.

Confirmation of reservation - you will know your booking is confirmed only when you receive confirmation of it by e-mail or telephone. If you make your booking less than 24 hours before you wish to hire the car, your preferred class may not be available and confirmation (or refusal) may not be sent on time. Reservation can be confirmed for car class only, not for specific model. B3 Autorent reserves the right to replace the car with a larger one of the same class, retaining the price as agreed in the booking.

Terms of payment - rental fees are generally paid in advance. You can use a credit card (VISA, EuroCard, MasterCard, American Express) or pay in cash or by bank transfer. If you make a booking, you pay 30% of the rental price up front and the remainder at the beginning of the hire period. B3 Autorent has the right to reserve the rate of liability (excess) of the individual hiring the car on their credit card, which will then be freed up again at the end of the hire period in ca 10 working days if clames do not arise. B3 autorent reserves the right under exeptional circumstances require a greater rate reservation than liability amount. Car can not be rented by individual not having the credit card on his/her name.

Fuel - cars are supplied with a full tank and are generally returned with a full tank. If you return the car without having refilled the tank, you will have to pay 2,8 EUR per unfilled litre of petrol. If you prefer you can buy full tank of fuel in advance by 10% discounted price, giving you the option to return the car with an empty tank.

Return of the car - the car must be returned to the place and at the time agreed on in the rental contract. Should you wish to extend the period of hire, you must coordinate this with B3 Autorent. We will do everything we can to ensure that this is possible. However, if it is not possible to extend the hire period of the specific vehicle you are driving, we will offer a replacement car. If this option proves unsuitable to the client, we reserve the right not to agree to extend the hire period.
If the car is not returned to the agreed place at the agreed time, B3 Autorent has the right to apply a double tariff for the time by which the deadline is exceeded. Should you return the car before the agreed time, the rental price will be recalculated by main price list in accordance with the actual length of time for which you used the car and any difference reimbursed. If you hired the car on the basis of a discount offer or package offer, no recalculation or reimbursement will take place should you return the car early.

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