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О фирме

B3 Autorent was established in year 2003.
We are oriented to provide quality car rental services in Estonia by competitive prices.
Our customers are welcome to Tallinn Airport in terminal office where documentation will be handled smoothly and in most comfortable way. Cars can be picked up or returned at special car park located right next to the terminal. Additionally the same services are available at city office located in Mustamäe area in Tallinn.
Our fleet includes small, compact, midsize and bigger size cars. Also the minivans are available for our customers providing big variety of vehicles for different purposes.
B3 Autorent has partners in Latvia and Lithuania giving comfortable way to return the car at Riga or Vilnius airport offices or specific city locations (one-way fees apply).
In addition to car rental the chauffeur service is available allowing customer to concentrate on business or just to relax during journey.
B3 Autorent is experienced car rental company in Estonia and our services meet internationally accepted car rental criterias.

Wishing you a positive driving experiences,

Yours B3 Autorent Estonia
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